Reclaiming Oils To Reduce Waste, Cost, And Natural Resource Depletion

An oil reclamation service uses some simple processes to restore old or used oil to its original condition. It is used to extend the life of oil and reduce the amount of waste, reduce environmental damage, and lower the cost of new oil in many cases.

Filtering Oil

There are several different ways to reclaim oil, but the most common method is to use a filtration process. Filtration removes impurities from the oil, such as water, sludge, and dirt, and often uses a centrifuge to separate impurities and water from the base oil.

Once oil filtration is complete, the reclaimed oil can be reused in a variety of applications. Oil reclamation is a beneficial process because it reduces the amount of waste from old oils that would otherwise need disposal. It also helps to extend the life of the oil, which can save money in the long run.

Many oil reclamation services use heat in the process and can put additives in the oil after cleaning it to help restore or improve the properties necessary. In some cases, oil re-refining is also used, and new oil is made using some reclaimed oil combined with new raw materials, reducing the consumption of limited oil supplies.

Oil Types

Oil reclamation services work on many different oils, but the most common reclaimed oils are old engine oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, gear oil, and cooking oil. These oil types are preferred because they are valuable resources that can be reused efficiently and have the best results from the reclamation process.

Engine oil, for example, can be re-refined and used to make new lubricants. Transmission fluid can be used to make new transmission fluid. Hydraulic fluid can be used to make new hydraulic fluid. Gear oil can be used to make new gear oil. And cooking oil makes excellent biodiesel fuel that works well in diesel engines.

An oil reclamation service may specialize in one type of oil or may offer reclamation of multiple oil products and often work with companies that collect used oils to source the materials. When you change the oil in your car, take it to an auto parts store or a repair shop that collects it, and they will have a service pick it up then take it to an oil reclamation service when they have a full tank. 

You do need to try and keep water and other materials out of the oil, so use a clean container to collect it and take it to the drop-off point. The better condition the used oil is in, the better the new oil or lubricant will be when the oil reclamation service has processed it. For more information on oil reclamation services, contact a company near you.