Understanding What You Should Not Put In Your Dumpster Rental

If you have a household full of garbage that you need to throw out, then it may be in your best interest to rent a dumpster. Dumpsters make it easy for you to handle the waste, and a 20 yard dumpster will let you throw away as much as six pickup truck loads of garbage at one time. However, there are some things that you should not be putting in the dumpster when you do clear out your house. If you care about the environment, then keep reading to learn about a few things that should not go in the dumpster and also find out what you can do with the items.

Old Automotive Oil And Other Car Fluids

If you have a variety of containers that are filled with old or new car oil, transmission fluid, or antifreeze, then these chemicals should not be put into your dumpster. If you add chemical materials to the container, they will end up in your local landfill. Unfortunately, as much 0.4 percent of the usable water in the United States is contaminated by chemicals, metals, and other substances that are stored in landfills. Much of the contamination is due to the improper disposal of wastes. 

Contaminants end up in your water because rain and groundwater percolate or flow through the small holes that line the landfill. As the water flows, it picks up oil and other chemicals and then moves downward until it reaches the water table. The fluid mixes with the water from other sources, and the fluid continues to move to natural aquifers, rivers, streams, and lakes. Natural aquifers are used directly as water sources that feed wells. While the vast majority of drinking water is treated, some of the contaminants may be consumed. 

Automotive oils and other chemicals are commonly called household hazardous wastes or home generated materials. While they cannot be placed in your dumpster, your dumpster rental company may offer pick up and disposal services for these types of materials. Some sanitation businesses also offer mail-in recycling kits for certain chemicals, like motor oil.

If you cannot find a service or a waste management plan for your chemical needs, then you likely have a community outreach or disposal program. Ask your dumpster rental business about this.

Vehicle Tires

Automotive tires are another example of something you should not put in a dumpster. Sometimes tires are not prohibited specifically, and you will pay an extra fee if the dumpster rental business does take care of used or old automotive tires for you. This fee is used to cover landfill costs. Tires are not biodegradable and they take up a great deal of space in landfills.

Only certain landfills will take garbage that contains tires. Not only do they take up space in garbage dumps, but they release chemicals into the soil that contaminate the earth. Tires also create fairy large fire risks and landfills will charge extra to take on these risks.

If you have tires that need to be thrown out, then consider recycling them instead of placing them in your dumpster. If you have more than a few tires, as well as some paper or plastic items, then consider renting a separate recycling dumpster for your house. If you only have a tire or two, then ask your dumpster rental company about tire recycling and the separate pick up of the tires. You can typically arrange for the tire recycling at the same time that your large dumpster is collected. 

Other items can and should be recycled as well like batteries, appliances, computers, televisions, and paints. If you are unsure about what can be recycled or what should be thrown in your dumpsters, contact the rental business for more information.